Layout & Design Proofs

Before we cut any letters on stone, we can provide you with a computerised layout. This will let you see in black and white, the style and size of the font that may be used on your memorial.

The reason we provide these layouts is because we want you to be completely satisfied with the appearance of your tribute. At this stage, you are able to make as many changes as you require. Once we receive your approval, our craftsmen will proceed with the production of your memorial in your chosen material.

Additional Inscriptions

If you already have a memorial and require an additional inscription, we will, where possible, try to match the existing lettering, using traditional and modern techniques. If you wish to add to or change the existing inscription, we can re-surface the memorial and make the changes you require.

Raise & Level

If you have a memorial that over time has sunk or started to lean in an un-safe way, we provide a service that includes a total inspection to make sure that the memorial and concrete foundation are in sound condition. Once inspected, we will raise and level as necessary, and advise you of our findings.