A memorial is a lasting symbol of remembrance. Therefore, it is very important that the design is carefully selected. This is the final gift to the person you love and miss so dearly.

We have designed this website to showcase just some of our wide range of designs, materials and carvings. A memorial with your chosen design can be created using any of our high quality materials: granite, marble or limestone. Friendly and experienced staff will be pleased to assist you with your selection, and advise on the inscription. In addition to an extensive range of standard designs, a full design service for one-off and personalized memorials is also available, After 25 years in the memorial business, we have established an excellent track record, giving you the security and guarantee of a complete, professional and caring service.


There is no finer choice than everlasting granite, due to its enduring properties. A granite memorial will retain its beauty without deteriorating or weathering. It is also available in a vast range of colours, some of which are shown within this website.


Marble is a traditional stone used for sculpture and carving, which is ideal if you select a more ornamental memorial. Blue white in colour and veined, it has few imperfections.


Natural stone is widely used and is suitable for any cemetery, whether modern or old. A wide and varied selection is available.

Our experienced and skilled staff are able to work with all of the above materials, therefore, whatever your choice of material, design and inscription, we can guarantee the production of a high quality memorial that meets your requirements.